Logistics Tools

Track & Trace Online, Anytime

Custom shipment tracking and supply chain analysis.

The Freight Forwarding industry is changing rapidly. At The American Companies we literally see it every day. Increasingly complex and extended global supply network, growing regulation in supply chain traceability, and a growing volatility between supply and demand are some prime examples of these changes. Our custom, real-time platforms - Ameriweb, AmeriReports, Ameritruck, and AmeriWebWMS - will help you to navigate these changes by empowering you with several important value added resources: online visibility and reporting.

As our client, you will have the ability to track and trace all cargo movements - from Point of Origin, Customs Clearance, and through local Carrier Delivery. You will also be able to quickly generate customized management reports, online container manifests and more, in various formats - all in real time. No need to worry about integration, if desired, we can seamlessly interface with your existing internal systems.

Our flagship supply chain logistics visibility and management tool.

Report Writer for our clients provides multiple points of data.

Track and trace all cargo shipped by our trucking partners.

ISF Portal
Importer Security Filing Portal enables both importers and carriers to submit additional information pertaining to cargo to CBP before the cargo is brought into the United States by vessel.

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